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About Relays R Us

The vision for Relays R Us came about over 40 years ago when the founder, Keith Pokorny, noticed there was something missing from the industry he had been involved in for so long. There was a need for a smaller company that specialized specifically in OEM relays, and had the ability to both manufacture the product on a large scale, and sell them on a smaller level as well. Keith knew that he had the expertise necessary to create a high quality product while maintaining a level of customer service and interaction that isn’t feasible for many large automotive manufacturers. It was with this realization that Relays R Us was born, and while the company has grown significantly over the years, the dedication to unmatched quality and customer service has remained.

Supplying OEM relays for some of the top names in the industry over the years, such as GM & Chrysler, is testament to the fact that you’re getting parts manufactured with precision and care each and every time you conduct business with Relays R Us. The industry that OEM relays are involved with is one that is dominated by corporate powerhouses; businesses that aren’t very concerned with the little guy. While Relays R Us does manufacture their products on a large scale and distribute them to the big guys, we are also dedicated to offering the same level of quality and customer service to those who can’t spend a huge amount of money buying automotive parts in bulk. Since every automotive OEM relay we produce is manufactured in house, we have the unique opportunity to offer our products on this smaller scale. Not only do we continuously strive to improve the quality of our product through extensive analysis within our onsite testing lab, our research and development team is always available to discuss the applications and technical aspects of our OEM automotive relays.

Our products are warranted to provide control of inductive, resistive and motor loads with varying amperage ratings. Products are available in 6, 12, 24 and 36 Vdc operating voltages. Relays are available in the following contact configurations: SPST Normally Open Contact, SPST Normally Closed Contact, SPST Dual Contact Output and SPDT Change Over Contact. All Products have various options: Plug-In, PCB, Bracket attachment, Sealed or Weatherproof cover.

If you are a vintage car or truck enthusiast, you know how difficult it can be to get your hands on the original OEM automotive relays that came in that beautiful vintage ride you've been restoring. Through our numerous years of experience and manufacturing in the OEM relay industry, we have acquired a variety of valuable contacts that can often times supply those parts. Contact us directly to see about finding the original model automotive relay that comes stock in any vintage car or truck!

Relays R Us is the leader in OEM automotive relay manufacturing for both large corporations, and businesses on a smaller scale as well. By striving to provide the best OEM relays in the industry to each and every client, Relays R Us hopes to continue accomplishing the goals the company was originally founded on. Contact us today to learn more about the automotive relays we manufacture, and what we can do for you!

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